The balanced ternary virtual machine has a name now. It is BaTeViMa (pronounced /ˈbaˌtɛ.vi.mə/). So far about 100 lines of Haskell and 50 lines of markdown including both the code and the ISA specification. Barely getting started, but I'm proud. I think working on this website is helping me focus. Excellent news because focus has always been something I've struggled with. Also why am I even trying to write fiction? I don't even really read fiction.


I'm basing the ISA on RISC-V. I knew I wanted it to be a RISC architecture, and RISC-V is open-source. I'm changing it significantly and really just using the most barebones implementation. I'm calling it RISC-VI after the number of trits in a tryte. Additionally, I've written a data type for trits and defined basic three-valued logic. Next is the more challenging task of defining balanced ternary arithmetic. This work will function later as a sort of troubleshooting tool; I imagine; for the later work with the emulated processor. Ultimately, I should find a way to express each arithmetic operation with three-valued logic gates.


From this website alone it looks like there isnt much here. Like I just started all this yesterday. The truth is I've been working on stuff like this for at least a decade. I just never focused on one thing. Never had anything to ground me in my work. As well when you put impossible expectations on yourself you can't really accomplish anything. Nothing is ever good enough. So this is all just for me really. If you are anything like me you will like it too, so I guess its for you too. It really doesn't matter in the end. You move with history or history moves you. And the eventual heat death will choak us in the end anyway. Breathe your happiest breaths.


Most of my work is nonfictional. I work in real things. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate fiction and art tremendously. I just don't read stories really. I watch shows and movies, sure. But written fiction is a whole other medium. Why do I write fiction if I don't read it? I think for me writing fiction is a way for me to explore spaces and situations in my head. I'm just playing around for one part of it. The other is just refining words to practice writing. That part doesn't feel any different than writing nonfiction to me. I know on some level that my fiction will never be good because I don't have the solid foundation of a fiction reader, but I don't (and can't) write it to write something good. I write fiction to go on an adventure and then... edit and revise it into an even better adventure.

On that note, the first circuit of Fluid Circuitry will be a complete story by itself. As it stands, Fluid Circuitry will be most like a collection of short stories of the cyberpunk variety with all anthropomorphic animal characters. The first circuit is a revenge story following a black cat named Iron. So far theres definitely a few pages of finished story. I think I'm about... 20% done. There's still a lot of editing/revision to do. No E.T.A. still because most of my time recently has been spent on developing BaTeViMa.

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